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As a kid, I'd love to watch my Grandpa tinker around in his woodshop as he'd be crafting his next project. I'd be hard at work pretending to build my own creation.  He'd always drill into me the importance of quality craftsmanship and how vital spending the extra effort in every project was, even if it wasn't convenient. Today, as Trademark Build we carry on that same mentality. Everything we build, Grandpa Harry would approve of, and be very proud. 


We are a licensed California general contractor, specializing in boutique design, and custom residential remodel projects. The foundation of respect for ourselves, our clients and our work, has proven our ongoing success. We thank you for your time and are looking forward to working with you to build your next big idea.


Owner, Mark    


From start to finish, we commit to provide clear communication, quality craftsmanship and unwavering integrity so everyone involved is proud of the work done. 

We are well aware of the all the dreaded extra costs, late deadlines, messy job sites and many more painful stressors that can come with construction. Because we ourselves do not enjoy unnecessary stress, we guarantee we will do our part to make every project a breeze.   Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to get started on your projects.  

Contact Us

Fill out the contact form or call and or text us to start the your project.

Appointment & Design

We'll come to your home or space to gather measurements and understand the goals for your project.


Once we've gathered all information needed, we'll send you a detailed presentation with the scope of work with dates & costs included. 


Our team will carry out the work aggreed upon from start to finish. 

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