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We are a licensed California General Contractor, specializing in high end design, custom residential remodels, and fine woodworking. The foundation of respect for our team, our clients and our work, has proven our ongoing success.  We provide unwavering integrity, quality craftsmanship, and clear communication ensuring all parties involved are proud of the work done. 


We are honored to offer our services to the Carlsbad Crest Community where we've already left our mark. Having previously remodeled a home within this community, we understand the unique characteristics and needs of the area.  With a proven track record of excellence, we are excited to continue our journey in updating your homes together.    



You've had bad renovation experiences in the past or have heard of contractor horor stories? 

Hiring a contractor can be indeed be nerve-racking due to concerns about reliability, quality of work, and overall project management. We commit to calm these anxieties by providing a seamless and stress free experience.  From the initial consultation to the final walk-through punch list, we prioritize clear communication and transparency. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-notch crafstmanship while meeting deadlines. With our commitment to customer satisfation and a proven track record of successful projects, hiring us is not just a decision... its a reassurance of quality, reliability, and peace of mind. 


With an comprehensive understanding of the Crest home styles, construction quirks, and community preference's, we are sure to deliver exeptional results with no suprises. Our extensive knowledge allows us to  anticipate potential challenges and proactively address them, ensuring smooth project execution from start to finish. 

Fix a Light


Our knowledge with the neighborhood streamlines the planning and execution phases, saving waisted time and resources minimizing downtime keeping projects on schedule.  With a team of skilled professionals we're able to deliver outstanding results in a timely manner, exceeding expectations while respecting the clients time and budget constraints.  


We know whats behind your walls...

That being said, we can direct you in making the best decisions during the design phase. 

Clear Communication

We provide: project timelines, payment schedules, weekly video updates and monthly "health checks" to give the client and contractor space to talk out any concerns that arise.  

Collaboration with City & HOA

We will work with your HOA and the City ordinances so you dont have to.  Knowing the gudeliness helps us guide you to the appropriate decisions during the construction proccess. 


Our team of designers, builders, architects, project managers, administrators all work cohesively with the client (also part of the team) to provide a top-notch experience during all of our projects.  

Attention To Details

Whether we are installing flooring or scheduling a project timeline we make sure we've got it all locked down.  We aim to create an experince where you as the customer feel safe and are confedent you picked the best contractor for your project.  


We highly recommend working with Mark and the Trademark Build team! 


From start to finish, Mark kept us informed and up to date on the progress of the project, and was always easy to get a hold of when we needed to touch base.  He kept the many moving pieces of our project organized and kept it moving forward without any downtime throughout the entire timeline.  Mark and his team are professional, friendly, and easy to work with.  Our neighbors commented on the team's commitment to the project, pleasant demeanor, and attention to keeping the surrounding area clean. 


All of this was important to us as we wanted to be conscientious of our close neighbors over the 7 month project. The team's craftsmanship is superior and completely transformed our condo beyond what we thought possible.  If you have the chance, work with Mark and the Trademark Build team - you'll not only be happy with the end result but the overall process as well!

Ashley P



Fill out Contact Form 

Reach out though our online form or give us a call to start the process for your project.  


Let's Have a Call 

You'll recive an email from us asking you to fill out a questionaire as well as book a Zoom call with us. 


Let's Meet

If we both like each other... great, one of our project managers will come to your home for an on-site meeting. We will discuss any City permit and HOA requiremnets.


Work With a Designer

You'll have the option to work with our preferred design teams, or choose to pick your finishes yourself. 


Review Our Estimate

Once we've gathered all the information we will create your quote, we'll send it over with a detailed video walkthrough. 


Book a Start Date

Once you give us the go-ahead, we'll send you a contract and a deposit request. We'll lock in a date to start the work. 


Enjoy the Process

Before construction starts, we'll protect anything in your home that needs protecting. During construction, you'll get a weekly video email explaining progress along with monthly "health checks" to give room to express any concerns. 


Project Complete

Once your project is complete, you'll receive a final walkthrough with your project manager. We'll send you a close-out package and client satisfaction survey. 


Question:  How long does a full house remodel take?

Answer:  The construction phase can take from 7 - 12 months depending on what the client wants to accomplish. 

Question:  Can we live in the home while its being remodeled?

Answer: No, we require occupants move out for the duration of the remodel due to safety concerns as well as efficiency and to be honest        like a wise old man once said "Just like fish.. after a couple of days of close proximity everyone starts to stink...

Question:  How does the design process work?

Answer:  After we have decide we are a good fit for each other. You'll have the option to book an in person walk through where you will together create a plan of action. 





Please fill out the contact sheet and we will send you a questionare to make sure were a good fit.  Once approved we will call you to set up a in person walk though.   Thank you for your time and we look forward to building with you!  

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