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You had work done on your house last year and you've enjoyed all the updates and additions to your space. As you think how grateful you are for your fresh new abode your 5 year old boy runs into the wall with his new Tonka truck he got for his birthday. He thinks "Whoa this truck is a beast!" You on the other hand are fuming... "Only if the contractor gave me a clear list of the paint he used during the remodel..."

To easy these unnecessary pains, we've implemented to all our projects a "Close Out Package" that provides you with all the information you need to keep your newly remodeled space well.. remodeled. We will leave with you all needed materials, colors, and vendors where we purchased from. As well as any permits, contracts, and change orders used during the project.

Close out packages help with:

  • Documentation & Accountability

  • Future Maintenance & Repairs

  • Resale Value & Appraisals

  • Risk Mitigation & Compliance

  • Continuity & Knowledge transfer

We are committed to providing an awesome experience building your new spaces. Thanks for learning more about us and how we can help!

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